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Don’t let your business be like the many others that have fallen into the gray area of uncertainty. Instead learn the individual value of clearly defined purpose, vision, and mission statements. Doing so will enable you to guide and align your shops’ team. This helps to establish an emotional connection and provide the intellectual direction that team members are seeking. This creates your Culture.

A PURPOSE statement answers WHY we exist

A VISION statement answers WHAT we aim to achieve

A MISSION statement answers HOW we plan to achieve this vision

If you’re traveling anywhere, you begin at one point along a certain path, and eventually, arrive at your destination. You begin with the end in mind; you are guided by why you went on the journey, driven by how you followed the path, and what you expected to find when you arrived. 

You have to know where you’re going to be able to figure out the best way to get there.

When you begin any journey, you subconsciously have an inner conversation around these four questions:

  • “Why am I going to a particular destination?
  • “How will I get there?”
  • “What will it be like when I arrive?”
  • “Who will I see when I arrive?”

Without realizing it, you worked within a purpose-driven framework.

Purpose focuses on four elements of impact:

  • Why do you believe you can make a difference? — Purpose needs a reason.
  • Who do you work to impact? — Purpose needs people.
  • How do you achieve the impact? — The purpose needs a plan.
  • What will impact look like when you achieve it? — Purpose needs vision and impact.

Your Shops’ Purpose (why we exist) should communicate the emotional connection of being part of a service/shop that will benefit the community. Your Shop is on a journey, guided by the deeply-held values and beliefs that inspire it to make a difference. This is a very inspirational concept and will be beneficial in attracting the type of employees you require.

The Vision (what we aim to achieve) is very straightforward and clarifies the business goal. Vision is your destination, at a point in the near or distant future. It’s what you expect to find when you arrive at the destination. What can also be the specific product or service you sell. Because the vision is measurable, attainable, and single-minded, your shop is able to monitor and communicate its progress, which can be extremely motivating. Your mission is your vision in action, connecting your purpose with your impact.

The Mission (how we plan to achieve the vision) outlines the aspirational depiction of the key customer benefits and differentiating initiatives. Your mission follows the path your organization sets to arrive at its destination: When someone asks you where you are going, they ask you how you are going to get there. 

Your mission is the how: the unique way you do what you do, the path you choose to follow, the decisions you make to get to your destination. Will you follow a focused and direct path; or one that wanders? A mission-driven path will be direct, and you’ll be doing what matters. That’s how you get from one point to another.

The combination of these three statements tells a clear, complete, and compelling story – each working together. This framework actually gives team members more freedom. When the entire team is clear on purpose, vision, and mission, management can rely on people doing the right thing without an extensive set of controls. 

When you create or you are re-evaluating your mission statement, consider substituting the words Why, How, and What, for Purpose, Mission, and Vision. These words will help you minimize any confusion between the terms and what they mean.

  • Purpose guides you. Your purpose statement articulates why you do what you do, why your shop exists, and why you serve a higher purpose (your cause).
  • Mission drives you. Your mission statement is how you accomplish your purpose; your mission is what drives you every day to fulfill your purpose. It’s a direct path to your purpose and vision. The mission is doing what matters and eliminating the distractions; it unlocks the strategy that delivers results and impact.
  • Vision is where you aspire to be. Your vision statement is what you will achieve in the future, the results you want to reach for, the measurable impact you want to make. Your vision reminds you what the difference you make will look like, what change will happen. Vision aligns with leaders and followers. It is an ongoing process of aligning your mission with your purpose. Vision keeps you on course, to fulfill your purpose.
  • The impact is what matters: What are the strategic goals that align with your purpose, and what are the measurable results of achieving your vision?

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