Total Gross Profit

The Focus number we want to know is what percent of total sales was gross profit. That is, the total of all sales of all types less the cost of those sales expressed as a percent of the total sales amount.

Last month YOUR SHOP had total sales : $75,000.

Cost of those Sales : Tech Gross Pay($11250) + Cost of Parts($15,500) + Cost of Tires($2,700) = Total Cost of those Sales is $29,450

Definitions :

Total sales : Includes sales of all parts, shop supplies, labor, sublet, and tires.

Gross profit : The total profit on the sale of something before any expenses or other costs of any kind is deducted.

For an example enter these numbers below in the calculator:  Total Sales – $75,000   Total Cost of Sales $29,450

The Example Focus number is 60.7%

Your Shop Goal is between 58% and 62%

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