Check List for New Employee

Have the new hire sign the offer letter/job description and shop policy. This helps you know that the prospective employee understands what’s expected and that they won’t dispute the wage amount or duties later.

The description should cover all job duties but still be general. Specific policies and practices can be covered after the person has started.

I don’t think you want too much detail here. You don’t want a whole three-page job description in there.

It’s also a way to helps you avoid legal trouble. It’s important to always include a line in the letter that employment is on an at-will basis, meaning that an employee can be terminated for any legal reason.

Checklist For New Employee

Employee name: _________________________ Date: _______

___Employee information(create file):

___ Address

___ Contact phone number

___ Completed application

___ Interview results

___ Background check results

___ Drug testing results

___ Emergency contact: (Name/Number) ___________________________________________________________________________________________

___Drivers license copy

___ Copy of drivers abstract: (For B.C. use)

___ Social Insurance number

___ Mechanic license posted in frame on wall

___ Other certification posted in frame on wall

___ Photo

___ Employee non compete form

___ Employee non disclosure form

___ Employee information entered in management software

___ Pay information entered in management software

___ Mechanic license number entered in management software

___ Whimis Training

___ Ask if He/She has had any safety training? ________________

Staff introductions:

___ Person who will train: _____________________________


___ Shop phone answering procedure

___ Policy concerning personal calls, texts, and other methods

___ Shop website: ___________________________________________________________

___ Shop and staff email addresses: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ensure that communications between you and others are crystal clear

___ If something is not absolutely clear to you, ask for clarification


__Amount $_______per hour


__Pay day:___________________________

Shop policies and publications:

___ Probationary period: _______________________ 

____Drug testing

___ Review Shop Policy

___ Job description

___ Employee purchasing of parts and supplies: 

       -ALL parts must have  RO# BEFORE ordering and/or using


___ Parts ordering is done by the manager (unless you are told otherwise)

___ Employee receives shop policy

___ Tool insurance policy

Customer service:

___ Quality comes first

___ Diagnose the problem correctly, don’t guess

___ We don’t like comebacks

___ It is more important to fix it right than to fix it fast

___ Be thorough, details are important

___ We cannot sell something if you do not tell us about it

___ NEVER recommend unnecessary parts or services

Employee benefits:

___ Paid holidays


___ Sick days

___ Health insurance

___ Retirement


___ When provided: ___________________

____Pick up day: _____________________ 

____Sizes: _____________________

____Shirt: ________________

____Pants: ________________

____Uniform repair and replacement policy

Schedules and hours:

___ Your hours: __________________

___ Your days: _________________________ 

___Shop business hours: ________________

___Lunch times:_________________________________ 

___ Lunch area/fridge

___Break times: ________________________________ 

___Staff meetings: ____________________

Shop care:

___ Areas that you are responsible for: __________

___ Keep the shop clean as you work instead of waiting until later___ 

Shop maintenance checklist

___ Maintenance assignments

___ Project assignments 

Shop computer use policies:

___ Downloads 

___ Visiting websites

___ Email

___ Instant messaging

Service advisor software and websites:

___ Costar – Shop management software

___ Shop Key Labour estimating software


____Technician software and websites:

___ Repair information software

___ iDentafix service information sites:_____________________

Procedures and policies:

___ RO flow system

___ Arrival time for work: 

___Be here early or on time late is not an option

___ Parking plan for employee cars

___ Parking plan for customer cars

___ Radio use in the shop

___ Smoking only in the designated area

___ Restroom use

___ Time clock used for arrival, breaks, lunch, departure

___ Time clock use for labor time spent working on vehicles

Safety items:

___ Eyewash station locations and operation

___ CO2 detector locations

___ Exhaust hose use

___ First aid kit locations

___ Fire extinguisher locations and operation

___ Right to know information location and how to use

___ Chemical wash locations and how to use

___ Security monitoring system

___ Security cameras

___ Safety glasses locations

___ Protective gloves locations

___ Safety hat locations 

General shop equipment and supplies:

___ Supply cabinet locations

___ Ceiling fans use

___ Furnace use

___ Air conditioning use

___ Bay doors open and close system

___ Special tools locations and system

___ Storage of equipment and supplies

___ Procedure when equipment needs repair or service

Repair and service equipment operation:

___ Wheel balancer

___ Tire changer

___ Coolant service

___ Parts washer

___ Brake lathe

___ Air conditioning charging

___ Air conditioning leak detector

___ Air conditioning identifier

___ Wheel alignment

___ Transmission jack

___ Strut spring compressor

___ Transmission fluid service

___ Scanner

___ Scanner

___ Scanner

___ Acetylene torch

___ Battery tester

___ Noise tester

Describe the Job

An offer letter should include an outline of the specific duties in the position. It should include:

  • Title
  • General job expectations
  • Supervisor
  • Exempt / non-exempt from overtime pay (based on the Fair    Labor Standards Act)
  • Classification: full-time/part-time/temporary
  • Wages or pay period information for salaried workers
  • Requirements like non-solicitation or confidentiality agreements
  • Received and signed Shop Policy.
  • Signed up for #SLACK

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