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Table of Contents

Table of Contents……………………………………………………..1

Rules of Conduct……………………………….…………….………2

Corporate Policy on Harassment………………………3


Your Shop Benefit Program……………….………………..5

Necessary Miscellaneous Info…………..………………….6


Safety Training Policy……………………………………………….8

Employee Responsibilities…………………………..…………9

Procedures & Policies for Missing Shifts……..……10

Shop Use Policies………………………………………………………..11

Company Vehicle Policy……………………………………………12

Policies and Procedure

Rules of Conduct

The following are grounds for immediate dismissal:

  1.  Theft
  2. Carrying, using or distributing illegal drugs and or materials on company premises or when in contact with any of the company’s customers and or suppliers or in company vehicles or when representing the company in any capacity.
  3. Being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance while working.
  4. Performing or encouraging anyone else to perform acts that are illegal.
  5. Purposeful destruction and or damaging company property or the property of any individual.
  6. Uttering or causing to be written any remarks that are prejudicial on the basis of gender, age, colour, race, national origin, religious or political persuasion.
  7. Purposeful creation of a health hazard.
  8. Fighting
  9. Public criticism of any employee or of the company itself.
  10. Refusal to adhere to the company’s dress code.

Corporate Policy on Harassment

Amongst reasonable people, all staff of Your Shop. Included, some things are considered understood. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that we are always going to encounter reasonable people. Therefore, things that most of

us consider as natural as breathing require documentation. The Government and the Courts also demand certain documentation. Thus I must articulate a basic code of “reasonable human behaviour”

“Harassment, in any form, Will not be tolerated at Your Shop or any associated enterprise.” Any form, including, but not restricted to, sexual, racial, religious, gender, size, colour, disability, age, deformity disfigurement etc

Harassment, if witnessed or reported will be investigated and, if true, will

result in suspension or termination.

Tolerance and concern for all should be a standard of life. Support of this ideal benefits all, personally and corporately



Payroll – semi-monthly.  This means you will be paid on the 15th and again on the last day of each month.  Holiday pay will be accumulated with each pay period for you to request when you take your vacation time or as you want it during regular pay periods. 

This also means that there will be no advances between pay periods.

Your Shop’s Benefit Program

Effective on date of Hire

  •  2 paid 15 min coffee breaks
  •  WCB
  •  Employer’s portion of CPP & EI
  •  Uniform costs paid for Your Shop
  •  4% Holiday Pay

 1-6 months

  •  Want something done to/or for your car
  •   15% off parts (Dealer parts not included)
  •   10% off Labour
  •   “NO ACCOUNT” must be paid off when job is done

 7-12 month

  •     50% off parts  (Dealer parts not included)
  •     25% off Labour
  •     “NO ACCOUNT” must be paid off when job is done

1+ yr

  •     Effective 1 year after Hire Date 
  •     Life & Disability Insurance,short/long term – Your Shop pays ½
  •    Dental & Extended Health – Your Shop pays ½      
  •    RRSP automatic payroll deduction – if wanted
  •     Cost +10% Parts (Dealer parts not included)
  •     10% Labour
  •      Company Charge Account – $500 max 30 Days

2yr +

  •       Cost +10% (Dealer parts not included)
  •       Company Charge Account – $1000 max 30 days


Necessary Miscellaneous Info

1) There will be an individual staff meeting every 2 months. Times will be determined. Staff meetings are mandatory. They will last between 30 and 45 minutes.

2) To Be Determined is the Safety Officer for the company and TBD is his assistant. If you have any questions or concerns bring them to TBD  or TDB attention immediately.

3) When staff is off shift they may use the staff room. The waiting area is for customers only

4) Every new hire is on a 3 month probationary assessment. If at any time during that period they are late, miss a day of scheduled work (without a valid reason), if they don’t fit in with the current staff, if they are unable or unwilling to do their job to management’s satisfaction their employment with this company will likely be terminated.

5) Minimum Written Notice Required (from employer):

(a) More than 3 months but less than 1 year – 1 week

(b) More than 1 years but less than 3 years -2 weeks

(c) More than 3 years but less than 4 years-3 weeks

(d) More than 4 years but less than 5 years – 4 weeks

(e) More than 5 years but less than 6 years-5 weeks

(f)  More than 6 years but less than 7 years – 6 weeks

(g) More than 7 years but less than 8 years -7 weeks

(h) More than 8 years- 8 weeks

6) Minimum Written Notice Required (from employee): 2 weeks

Just as an employer gives employees required notice of termination it is considerate of employees to do the same.  

7) Your Shop has a new policy on WHIMIS Training. It is an on-line course set up with Meti-Atlantic that is mandatory for all new hires and each employee will retake the course every 2 years.

8) When first hired each employee is given this manual to read. Every year afterwards he/ she will be given the manual, with any updates, to read and sign off that they understand each & every policy & procedure in the current manual. That sign off sheet is kept as a permanent record


Definition: A uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of an

organization while participating in that organization’s activity.

If you check with each of the major chains in town: Walmart, Canadian Tire, Tim Horton’s etc. you will see that every person working there is wearing a uniform.

The uniform covers a couple of different purposes. One purpose is to identify who works at the organization. It tells our clients who to consult when they need help or have a question. Another purpose is to allow the staff to save wear and tear on their own clothing while at the same time looking professional.

Each Employee hired for the Front End will be issued 3 shirts/2 pants. These shirts/pants are to only be worn at work. It is your responsibility to keep your uniform neat, tidy and clean. If your shirts are worn, torn, stained or damaged then you need to come to TBD and we will get you new shirts. It defeats the purpose of looking professional if the pants, you are wearing are also torn, ragged or dirty.

Each Employee hired for the Mechanical Department has been issued 5/7 pairs of coveralls with name tags attached. It is your responsibility to start each day with a clean pair and replace with clean ones as needed. If they are torn, stained or worn out it is your responsibility to request new ones or have them repaired.

If your clothing is not appropriate you will be asked to change. The third time you are found to be wearing inappropriate clothing your employment with us will probably end.


Safety Training Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide for general and specialized safety and related training throughout all levels of the organization.


The company will provide, and employees will participate in, all safety and related training that is necessary to minimize losses of human and physical resources of the company.

This training will include, but not be limited to:

Safety orientations for newly-hired personnel;

  • Job-specific training;
  • Safety training for supervisors and management;
  • Task and trade-specific training and certification;
  • Specialized safety and related training, and
  • Refresher and update training

Employee Responsibilities

  •  If you are going to be late then you must call and let us know when you will be in. If you are late 3 times, without a legitimate reason, you will be dismissed.
  • If you can’t come to work due to illness, injury or some other legitimate reason, it is up to you to find somebody to work your shift. If you can’t or don’t it is the same as not showing up at all and you are subject to immediate dismissal. 
  • When you are calling in sick you must speak to either TBA or TBA, just leaving a message on the phone or with a non-management person is not acceptable.
  •  If you are ill or injured please bring in a signed notice from your Doctor.
  • 2 drivers abstract are due each year, Feb 1st and August 1st. They are currently free and accessible online. It is a requirement for employment.
  • Each employee is responsible for checking his/her time card for errors.
  • The work schedule is set two weeks in advance. If you want specific days off you need to request, in writing, those days a minimum of two weeks in advance.
  • No time off between Mar 15th – May 30th and Oct 1st – Dec 15th unless deemed an emergency

Procedures & Policies for Missing Shifts

  • Missing a shift due to your illness or your child’s illness is never cause for disciplinary action. However you do need to contact us before your shift starts and let us know so we can make arrangements to have your shift covered.
  •  If there is a death in your immediate family you will get the time off to deal with it. Once again we need to be notified before your shift starts.
  • Being late or missing a shift due to partying, sleeping in or any other non- legitimate reason will result in disciplinary action.
  1. a) The first time you will be given a verbal warning
  2. b) Second time written warning
  3. c) Third time, either outright dismissal or a 1 week     suspension without pay
  4. d) Fourth time dismissal
  • We are not babysitters; we are trying to run a business that is committed to Excellent Customer Service. To give that Service we need employees that are at work for their assigned shifts on time & prepared to work. If you can’t or won’t show up for your shift on time then we can’t use you. We won’t waste our valuable time on you when there are dozens of people asking to work for us.
  • If you need to make an appointment to see your doctor, lawyer, banker, optometrist etc. then make that appointment for your days off, your lunch hour or before or after your shift. You are only at work 8 hours a day, use the rest of the day for your errands.

Shop Use Policies

Here are the policies for using the shop.

  • Once the Tire Department is closed there will be nobody using the shop unless approved by TBA
  • No coming in late after hours to get anything unless approved by TBA
  • The only vehicles you are able to be working on are to be your own! No family/friends at all. If you want to work on your sisters/brothers or your parents get permission from TBA first! There will be a cost.
  • You are to leave the shop cleaner than you found it.
  • You must use your own materials for cleaning. We do not supply cleaning materials for you to use on your own vehicles.
  • NO Cell phone use in front office in front of customers. If staff brings out cell in office to check messages regardless of if there are customers in front office too many times you’ll be given 3 warnings, it may be cause for dismissal.
  • Music on shop floor – local radio stations only – at a medium level
  • Music in the office must be approved by TBA. This will be determined by what is good for the customer not by personal choice.
  • One last item, it has come to our attention that friends of the staff are hanging around until their shift is over. We don’t want that. Tell your friends to come by when your shift is OVER!!! Also, we are not your answering service. If they need to talk to you, unless it is an emergency, have them call you at home.
  • NO smoking/vaping in the building, warehouse or in the bin


Company Vehicle Policy

 All employees must have a valid BC driver’s license suitable for that

particular vehicle and have passed a Competency Test administered by an authorized Company Examiner before driving.

As well as providing a Driver’s Abstract before taking the Competency Test a Driver’s Abstract is required twice a year, February 1st & also August 1st

Must have 10 years driving experience. 

The Competency Test is required to be passed on a yearly basis

Notwithstanding successfully completing the Competency Test all traffic

laws need to be followed at all times and if any violations, including

parking, are committed while in control of that vehicle the employee is

responsible for payment of any and all fines.

Traffic infractions are grounds for dismissal & any employee with any

alcohol, not just over the legal limit, in their bloodstream will be dismissed.

TBA must okay if the company car is to be lent out to any customer.

Our Dealer plate is NOT to be lent out under any circumstances.



Your Shop


Platinum Rules of Service

Because your customer has a need, you have a job to do

Because your customer has a choice, you must be the better choice

Because your customer has sensibilities, you must be considerate

Because your customer feels a sense of urgency, you must be quick

Because your customer has high expectations, you must excel

Because your customer has influence, you have hope for additional


You exist because of your customer.

Remember:  treat your customer the way he or she wants to be treated!

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